Death of Google Reader

Google Reader Gravestone

After the announcement in March that Google Reader would shut down the day has finally come and Google Reader will be no more.

Google claims that the use of RSS feeds and namely Google reader has declined and that was the reason for its closure. However, the real reason seems to point to the fact that Google were failing to monetize Google reader and as such felt it was pointless keeping something that was not making money. After the announcement of its closure loyal Google reader fans signed a petition which received over 100,000 signatures in just a few days calling for it to be saved.

Shortly after it was announced that Google reader would be closing, the uptake of alternatives such as Feedly was huge, with millions migrating to the platform. We discussed alternatives and why we liked Feedly here.

A third of purchases on eBay via mobile

In June 2013, it was announced that year on year growth of eBay sales via mobiles has been at 80%. By the end of 2013 they are expected to hit £13bn globally.

The site attracts 60m unique users a month in Europe, 19m of which are in the UK and now accounts for one in two of all online shoppers in the UK.

Vine overtaken by Instagram video on Twitter

Instagram launched its new video feature last month, this enables a user to upload a video clip up-to 15 seconds in length.

Since this has launched analytics tool Topsy found that Vine shares on Twitter dropped by 40% following on from Instagram’s video launch. The irony of these statistics is the fact that Vine is Twitter owned app and Instagram is owned by Facebook however Instagram is outperforming on Twitter.

So why is it doing so well?

Personally I feel the fact that Instagram allows videos to be up to 15 seconds in length is a huge factor, whereas Vine limits videos to 6 seconds.

Do you use Instagrams video feature?

Foursquare update

This week saw Foursquare update the app allowing for users to check in with several friends. The new feature can be found using the ‘I’m with…’ button, by pressing it you can simply select the button once you have selected the location.

By tapping the new button, a customer checking-in at a business can include the names of their friends joining them. After hitting the button, a drop-down menu appears with the names of your friends on the connected accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. Each friend selected from the menu will get a notification requesting permission to allow the check-in. By allowing the user to check-in their friends on Foursquare, it would make it more likely those friends will check-in and follow the same restaurant or business in the future.

Foursquare update

Big Chip Success

We are delighted to announce that PushON won the Best Use of Search Award for work on Al Fresco holidays!

That is our second award success in June following our recent success in Barcelona at The European Search Awards.

Thats the end of the RoundUP for this week we will RoundOff with this great use of social media from Tesco mobile.