The site formally know as SEOmoz has undergone an overhaul and is now simply known as Moz.

The reason for the change according to CEO Rand Fishkin’s blog on was;

Calling ourselves “SEO”moz is no longer transparent and authentic. With products like Fresh Web Explorer,FollowerWonkGetListed, and the beta of Moz Analytics (alongside the vast array of non-SEO content we publish), we’re no longer purely an SEO software company. Pretending otherwise is disingenuous, and that violates our core values.

SEO is bigger than just SEO – as hard as I’ve fought personally and we’ve fought as an organization over the last decade to make marketers and organizations think more holistically about organic search, the branding of the past remains. SEO is seen as a narrow set of activities that move rankings up and bring search visitors in.To truly help with SEO, we have to do more than just place keywords, make sites accessible, and build links, but first we need the influence to make these changes. A broader marketer is often granted that influence, while pure SEOs still, unfairly, must strive for it.

For many folks outside of our community, the acronym SEO has (unfair) associations with spam or manipulation.

The rebrand of its site has coincided with the expansion of its ‘Moz Analytics’ software, which monitor’s website analytics and marketing campaigns.


This past week Facebook announced a new feature that will verify pages and profiles similar to Twitter. It even features a blue tick that very closely resembles Twitter’s verification indicator.

It will be rolled out to a small selection of celebrities initially and then it should roll out everywhere. Facebook has not revealed what the verification process is, suffice to say if you are worthy you may have a blue tick already!



Ever needed to run to the toilet during a film and rushed to ensure you don’t miss anything? Ever walked out of a film too early to find that you missed the important bonus scene at the end of the movie (The Avengers)? Well now there is an app to tell you these important facts!

RUNPEE is loaded with a full database of films at the cinema with key facts for any movie lovers. The app has information offering a quick Synopsis if you are running late, a timer that offers vibration alerts every time the PeeTime occurs and information about the exact moment when you should run to the toilet, offering you a quick overview of what happens during that 3 minute or so gap. So don’t worry about missing any important scenes at the cinema… There’s an app for that for 69p called RUNPEE!



We will roundoff with an interesting Matt Cutts flow chart via search engine land

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