Digital RoundUP

Facebook Home

This past Thursday Facebook Home was announced as a new app for Android. The idea behind Home is to make the Android phone a social experience. ‘Home’ is akin to a skin on the phone with the Facebook OS constantly running.

In effect the user would be constantly on Facebook and every action is pushed from Facebook. For example ‘Chat Heads’ (seen on the third image above) shows the friends that you have had or have most contact with recently. The idea being that you can tap on the picture and start a conversation instantly.

How will Home impact on the app use on the iPhone? Will there be more adverts as a consequence? Lets us know your thoughts.

Twitter cards

Twitter introduced its new feature called Twitter cards, they richly represent photos, videos, songs and everything between.

There are three types of new Twitter cards:

App: Will show information about an app such as the name, price and rating.

Product:  It shows products by showing an image and description its aimed at retailers. Every time a user shares a product, the card will display the product in an image accompanied by a description.

Gallery: This represents an album or collection of photographs via a preview of the photo gallery. This indicates a gallery has been shared by the user.

Using 5 or More Social Networks? You are a top employee!

In a  recent survey by Evolv it was found that workers using social networks, proved to be more productive that other employees that didn’t. Evolv are a start-up agency that monitors hundreds of the Fortune 500 companies’ metrics.

It was proven that the more social networks they were on, the more productive they were in the work they did. Based on hourly time, employees that used up to four social networks, make more sales and answered customer service calls faster than those who weren’t on any social networks.

Based on the 5 social networks, it was found that they were better at sales and answering customer service calls, only slightly higher with 1.5% and 2.8%.

This means that we should all be signing up to as many social networks as possible, here’s a few to get started on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Path, Instagram, YouTube, Foursquare, Myspace and LinkedIn.

Baidu Google Glasses

China’s largest search engine has announced it will be developing ‘digital eyewear’ similar to Google Glass. Reportedly code named “Baidu Eye”

Although reports are sketchy at present it is currently being tested and an announcement on the release date has yet to be confirmed.

Facebook Charges for Celebrity Messages

Facebook has started charging UK users a fee to send a message to ‘celebrities’. The fees range from 71 pence for a lesser known person to £10.68 for Olympic diver Tom Daley.

The price is determined by what Facebook describe as ‘the number of followers and a secret fame algorithm.’

Will you be using this service to contact someone famous?

That’s the end of the RoundUP for this week, we will leave you with this site which should be of interest if you work within SEO.