Digital RoundUP 22/07/2013

PushON | July 22nd 2013

Digital RoundUP

David Cameron’s Online Porn clampdown

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced proposals that would see all ISPs making online pornography as ‘opt-in’. On a simplistic level users of the internet will be contacted at some point (most likely at the end of 2013) asking if they want to use filters or not.

To outline what is being introduced

  • ‘Extreme pornography’ such as rape will be illegal
  • Certain search terms will be monitored to check who are using them
  • A database of illegal images would also be monitored by law enforcement agencies to catch those viewing such images
In theory the plans sound fairly reasonable however by creating an ‘opt-in’ policy the government is essentially collating a list of people who choose to view online porn. Not only that, if these plans come into effect then if it’s acceptable to ban these sites then what is next? Surely instances where ‘Freedom of Speech’ comes into play this could be seen as fair game to be ‘banned’. Personally I think its a slippery slope from here, what do you think? Is Cameron making the right choice or is he just playing politics?


Kill Switch

The London mayor Boris Johnson has called on the big mobile phone companies to do more to prove they are not benefiting from the misfortune of people whose devices have been lost or stolen.

At present if someone stole an iPhone there is nothing stopping the person who steals it from re-using it either by going to an Apple retail store and swapping it for a new handset or using it on another network.

Apple and Samsung have been at the forefront of a new software that has been testing a ‘kill switch’ feature. This would mean a stolen handset would become useless and could only be undone with an original set of log in details. At present Find My iPhone is the only type of software that is widely available to be used however that has been circumvented by criminals and organised gangs when it comes to reusing a stolen phone.

IFTTT – PushON Review

IFTTT iPhone

A week after our latest Digital RoundUP, we tested how well IFTTT performed as an app and whether it is worth downloading.

IFTTT Recipes

First off, we signed up to some ‘recipes’ to test out if these work and how well they work. Firstly we signed for them to ‘Text me if the CDC reports a Zombie outbreak’. As we are unable to test this until there is an actual zombie outbreak, we signed up for the app to ‘Text me the weather every morning’. After not receiving the weather the next day, we checked how to ensure that the SMS service was set up to find that it it isn’t supported for the carrier (EE), making any SMS channels included in a recipe pointless.

With 5 recipes currently installed onto our list, only 3 of them seem to work. ‘Email me ’10 Things To Know This Morning” – comes through at 2pm daily, ‘Track Foursquare check-ins in a Google Drive Spreadsheet’ – works well but doesn’t show the map on the majority of locations, ‘Backup my contacts to a Google Spreadsheet’ – cannot be found and the SMS service isn’t supported.

For us, the app is a disappointment and should be fully supported in the UK before it was rolled out. The app has only been out for a week so hopefully these issues will be resolved and they build some new ‘recipes’ for us to have a play with.

We give the new IFTTT app 2 out of 5 PushONs.



26 signs you work in Social Media

This past week we saw this great article in Buzzfeed entitled ’26 signs you work in social media’.

A few of our favorites were;

If you have a bad experience, your first instinct is to tweet your angst at the company Twitter handle

This is basically you at any given moment

 Which one sums you up?


That’s it for the RoundUP for this week we will RoundOFF  with a very cool app called TimeHop