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Engage 2013


Engage 2013 took place this week in London at the Hilton London Metropole hotel.

If you were lucky enough to attend or watch on the live stream, social updates were being published using the hashtag #Engage2013.

This social event included top speakers from companies such as Twitter, Nestlé, KLM, SAB Miller and Adobe.

Here are a few of the top talks we enjoyed in the PushON office:

Jan Rezab, CEO of social media analytics company Socialbakers. Jan talks about how social media has evolved in the last few years and where will be heading in the future.

Lionel Lassalle, Social Marketing & Co-Branding Manager at KLM, explained the successful social strategies that have proven invaluable for KLM. Lassalle also demonstrates the social tools used and future innovations with software and campaigns used to combine social with the flying experience.

‘Happy staff = better service = happy customers’. #Engage2013

Jeremy Waite, head of social strategy at Adobe, talks about The “Like-Cycle” in social media. The “Like-Cycle” encourages 5 social media challenges, Insight, Content, Loyalty, ROI and Media, with an emphasis on a solid social strategy. The slides can be found here.

Mozilla PENALISED by google

Mozilla the company behind most notably Firefox internet explorer, Thunderbird and other apps were penalised by Google.

The reason, according to a penalty notification:

“Google has detected user-generated spam on your site. Typically, this kind of spam is found on forum pages, guestbook pages, or in user profiles.

As a result, Google has applied a manual spam action to your site.”

Spam in this instance resulted from spammers abusing the blog section for the site. John Mueller of Google suggested a need for spam filtering and comments being monitored before they go online. Mozilla had 12 megabytes of spam from 21,169 different comments, Matt Cutts (Google celebrity) said those spam comment pages ‘cause users to complain to us about’ and thus ‘action’ was required. 

Although Mozilla got fined by Google, they were never told which page was causing the offence which seems like an incredibly frustrating policy if the offending site has many pages. This is yet another example of Google flexing its muscles in its fight against spam!

UK Government passes Instagram Act – Now All your pics belong to everyone

As of this week, millions of amateur and professional photographers that upload their work on the Internet will be stripped of their rights to their images. The new Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act passed by the UK government amends the copyright law to allow commercial exploitation of images that contain no information identifying the owner. Most digital images floating around on the Internet today contain no metadata, making them ‘orphan-works’, meaning they can now be exploited for commercial use so long as the user performs a ‘diligent search’.

To keep from being ripped off, photographers will have to either remove their work from the Internet, or register it, a costly and time-consuming activity.

Will this new Act make you think twice before uploading photos to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

Tweetdeck apps closing may 7th

This week, we heard news that Tweetdeck mobile app’s are officially closing on the 7th of May and disappear from the Google Play store, according a blog post from the TweetDeck team. Along with this the twitter team will also remove Facebook integration from the apps.

That’s the end of our RoundUP for this week – we will leave you with exciting news for May! Keep your eyes peeled for our competition this month:

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