First came Rollyo, a web 2.0 application that allowed us to create our own search engines but if anyone comes up with a unique idea that proves to be successfull it’s not long before the big guns come along to get a piece of the action.

So, next came the google Co-op, which is…………….uh………exactly the same as Rollyo. Here’s a custom search engine I made for this blog site with Google Co-op.

POST UPDATE: Had to remove the search engines from the post because they broke the blog. You can see the google custom search engine here though.

Now there’s Yahoo Search build as well which is…………..uh……exactly the same as Rollyo and Google Co-op. Ok so here’s a custom search engine of this blog made with Yahoo Search Build.

POST UPDATE: Had to remove the search engines from the post because they broke the blog.

So which is best? Which should I use? Well I’m not sure because I haven’t tested either to any great extent but for web developers who have either had to implement free search engine scripts that come with horrible adverts littering the results or paying for premium search scripts that cost an arm and a leg your prayers have been answered. I can see these becoming part of the web developers tool kit and what do the search engines get for offering us such a great free service? Well nothings for free is it? so you can bet your last dime that the information they gather from custom searches will be gathered and diagnosed and used in some way.

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    Google Custom search engine has one major advantage it integrate with google Ajax search allowing you full control of the search results, with your users never leaving your site.
    is an example of what you can do we also have a basic tutorial on the blog to help get people started.

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    I was looking at that the other day. We’ll be looking to integrate the google coop search engine using the Ajax search on a new Internet Accelerator we’ll be promoting in the the not to distant future.