File sharing company Dropbox has bought Orchestra, the developer of the mobile app, Mailbox. Whilst the details of the takeover have been kept secret, it is known that 13 Mailbox employees will become part of the Dropbox team.

Drew Houston, chief executive of Dropbox, said:

“We felt we could help Mailbox reach a much different audience much faster.”

Houston further explained that Mailbox will continue to operate as an app but Dropbox will seek to use the newly acquired technology to improve itself. The buyout is a result of the two companies’ recent discussions about email.

In a statement that is likely to excite email marketers, Dropbox said it wanted to further improve Mailbox and its distribution.

Mailbox enables users to keep emails for reading at a specific later time and facilitates push notifications. The app is available for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Gmail with plans in place to move it into other channels and platforms.

Dropbox has grown rapidly and is already valued at approximately $4bn; the application has acquired over a hundred million users. It now has around 250 staff; this compared with the 100 it had a year ago.

Orchestra’s chief executive said of the deal that will ensure future financing for the mobile app developer:

“We didn’t think we would have much trouble doing that, but we would still have to build our own team in a very competitive talent market.”

He further explained that Mailbox is delivering sixty million messages a day and is finding it difficult to keep up with demand.