Dull Airports of the World

Posted by Simon Wharton

Today we’re off to PubCon to make ourselves more cleverer. It’s the first time I’ve flown across the Atlantic so I was fairly excited about the prospect of spotting icebergs from way up high and seeing boats etc etc. However, it was complete cloud cover from the moment we took off till we were descending to land at Chicago O’Hare. This could be Manchester. It’s overcast, grey and drizzly and this is every airport. We could be anywhere in the World. How come airports are non-descript? Don’t cities want to make an impression? It seems to me this place is saying “we’re just the same as where you’ve come from. Move along” However, we’re off to Vegas. I’ve got a feeling that will be more fun.

Tomorrow we fly down the Grand Canyon in Helicopter. That’s going to be very un-Manchester like but tired as we are, we’ll be out seeing the sites of Vegas, no doubt looking like slack jawed yokels. Very very tempted to go and see Big Elvis.

Monday is San Jose to do some grown up talking with Propel and then the rest of the week is conference. Hoping to at least see the Pacific when we go to San Jose.