A recent thread at Webmaster World seems to suggest that Ebay the internet auction site is increasing its Google Adwords activities. To put it mildly Ebay is an Adwords powerhouse. You only have to do a couple of generic product searches and more often or not you will see an Ebay listing. The changes will certainly be interesting as it is likely to cause quite a stir amongst webmasters. If you remember last year Ebay removed all Ad listings for several months over a dispute with Google. The dispute was estimated to have cost Google around $26 million a month in ad revenue.

Anyway the recent rumour seems to have caused some mixed feeling amongst webmasters as they feel Ebay has been pushing up bid prices but not improving their ad relevancy. We have all come across some terrible and irrelevant ads from Ebay in our time. The one below was one of my favourites.

There will be some interesting times ahead for people in the world of Adwords.