Internet ‘buy and sell’ site, eBay, is spearheading a campaign to try and encourage the UK government to take action to improve the speed of web services available via mobile smartphones.

eBay has presented its case in the form of a ‘mobile manifesto’ submission to the government.

The move follows on the heels of research commissioned by eBay, in conjunction with research company, Populous, showing that 45% of smartphone users find internet speeds on their mobiles too slow to offer a satisfactory online shopping experience.

As a consequence, the survey revealed, these dissatisfied users were less likely to use their handsets to engage in online retail activity.

The survey, based on the questioning of 2,000 UK smartphone owners between 4th and 6th November, also found that 68% of respondents were worried about the security implications of revealing personal data over their mobile network.

eBay has however separately made its views known that any security concerns in using mobile internet channels, including those for online retail, are the responsibility of the specific mobile network companies themselves.

eBay’s campaign to improve speeds draws not only on the results of its recent survey, but also on the outcome of an earlier survey by research organisation, Verdict, which is understood to have produced broadly similar results.

In addition, eBay is understood to have garnered support for its ‘mobile manifesto’ from network operators, retailers and industry groups, with whom it is believed to have recently entered discussions.