I stumbled across the Figleaves blog – blogleaves.

This blog is effective and well presented; they’re receiving great feedback, questions and comments on their products and articles, for example in their swimwear solutions blog.

This is great for optimizing their site, as they will be benefiting from fresh relevant content, as well as engaging consumers so they are more likely to return.

They are also using this area to include links to relevant resources and articles, which can be beneficial to your page rank for relevant terms, these are sometimes things you wouldn’t necessarily add to your website (the underpants lottery for example).

  • Simon Wharton

    This fits in really quite well with some of the wisdom from Stuart Bruce who presented for Manchester Digital earlier in the week. The idea of supporting your brand through an open and honest dialog is increasingly what web and online PR is about.
    I’m hoping we’ll have a brand blog setup for the NetFury Internet Accelerator by the beginning of next week.
    One of the key elements will be openness so we hope to have all and sundry from Propel chipping in. I’m promised everyone from development engineers to the CEO.
    One thing I take from Stuart Bruce is defining a policy as to how the contributors can post to a site. I suppose not giving away company secrets is one that’s high on the list. And not flaming those who just don’t like your product. Another item of interest was moderation as opposed to censorship. You can’t just delete the things you don’t like but by the sane token, you really can’t accept unreasoned flaming. It’s a project I’m really looking forward to.

  • Rob Artisan


    It is not suprising that they are receving good feedback and I believe you are right about moderation and not censorship, in their case and mine.

    I have bookmarked teh blog