The number of homes in the UK with access to the Internet now stands at 21m – a figure which represents 80 per cent of all UK homes, according to a new report by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

A comparison with previous figures released by the same organisation shows that since 2011, the proportion of UK homes with Internet access has increased by 3 per cent – and that since 2006 this penetration has increased by 23 per cent.

The report also probes computer usage in the UK, revealing that a computer is accessed each day by 66 per cent of all adults in the country.

Other findings by the ONS include the revelation that most of the 5.2m households in the UK which still do not have Internet access say this is because they feel they simply have no reason to connect to the web.

Around 20 per cent of households however said they had not acquired Internet access owing to what they perceived as their poor level of computer skills.

The ONS report further revealed that age is a strong factor in determining Internet usage in UK homes.

According to the ONS, those households consisting solely of one adult in the 65 plus age group witnessed a web penetration level of just 36 per cent – compared with a penetration level of 91 per cent for households which include children among its members.

Meanwhile, the figures also reveal that 93 per cent of web-connected homes access the Internet via a fixed broadband link – 30 per cent of which use a fibre-optic or cable feed.