A new report from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has revealed that email marketing is seen by 90% of marketers as ‘strategically important’ or ‘very important’ for business.

Moreover, the report says, 63% of marketers believe they will be upping their outlay on email marketing at some stage in the future.

The report, the latest in a series of annual surveys by the DMA into email marketing, found that confidence in the value of email marketing campaigns had increased, with just 31% of respondents saying they had reservations about their investment return, compared with 61% in the previous year.

The positive view of email marketing found among marketers surveyed in the report was matched by growing satisfaction both with standards of deliverability and the level of click-throughs by potential customers.

Whilst 39% and 43% of respondents said they were concerned, respectively, with deliverability and click through rates, these levels were down a third on the numbers identified in the previous year’s survey.

The DMA found, however, that whilst confidence in the mechanisms of email marketing had increased, the main focus of concern among marketers had how shifted towards conversion rates: with 48% of marketers citing the latter as their main concern.

Two other points of concern found in the report were: a lack of internal resource (cited by 38% – a figure perhaps reflecting the fact that 74% of respondents said their email marketing campaigns were designed and implemented in-house); and budgetary pressures (cited by 26% of respondents).