Despite recent reports that QR codes are rarely scanned in store, Evans Cycles appears to be using them effectively and with success. At a time when some high street retailers are struggling to balance the demands and changes of online shopping and marketing, with its traditional bricks and mortar business Evans Cycles appears to be one of the few that are integrating ecommerce with traditional retailing effectively.

Brands that have maintained growth tend to be those that adapted quickly and integrated technology within their stores.

Evans Cycles uses QR codes within all its retail outlets. The company has placed the codes on the information plaques of each bicycle. They are easily located and scanning them is done with relative ease; the only potential issue for shoppers unfamiliar with QR codes being the small scanning instructions.

From scanning the code, consumers are linked to a website that has been optimised for mobile devices. This simple idea is regularly missed by other, less digital savvy retailers and Evans Cycles demonstrates it understands the need for mobile optimisation.

With serious cycle prices being relatively high, the purchase of a bicycle is a major undertaking and consumers are looking for as much information about their purchase as possible. Evans Cycles’ product pages address this issue and are awash with product information. Additionally, Evans includes a rating for each bicycle and offers consumers a link to a full review.

While many retailers are struggling with QR codes, Evans Cycles is using them with confidence; those struggling might do well to take note.