It’s all happening this week!

CING is on tonight, talking social media in the Cornerhouse

Tuesday is the newly refreshed SMC_MCR taking a debate panel style like our very own events: The Feed. With PushON generally being a fan of the argumentative format, I’m off as their representative for the evening. Here was my mid riot write up about social media use in the riots to get a feel for my views.  New recruit Michael also seems to have a lot to say on the #Ilovemcr anti riot campaign.

Thursday is not only Northern Digitals at Barcelona Bar, it’s the launch of a Star Trek exhibition at the Generation Pop Gallery. Not work related, but interesting all the same. Well, to me at least. Thursday is also the leaving doo of twitter favourite @ILoveEdna as he buggers off to Bristol for uni. It’ll just be a casual catch up and drinks in Common.