Companies engaged in e-commerce should look to a wide range of marketing opportunities offered by new mobile technologies, including smartphones, to help increase their internet sales, according to one of the most highly respected authorities both on mobile and digital services.

Rob Thurner, a consultant on mobile phone marketing, and a speaker and training representative with the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, claims that many e-commerce businesses cold be missing out on reaching potential customers by not exploring their full range of promotional options.

Thurner argues:

“Brands really must make sure that their site renders well across a whole range of mobile devices, whether they’re traditional handsets, smartphones, or they’re iPads or tablet devices.”

Importantly, Thurner argues, using such modern mobile devices for marketing purposes will not only help reinforce a promotional message among those who will have already experienced it via other media, but will also assist in helping e-commerce advertisers reach totally new audiences:

“Mobile is able to unlock new segments of consumers rather than simply relying on existing groups of consumers and gives them (e-commerce marketers) an alternative channel to communicate.”

he insisted.

Thurner’s advice follows hot on the heels of the findings of a recent survey by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) that: almost a third of consumers would choose a different brand if the latter’s e-commerce website did not accommodate mobile interaction; and that mobile advertising can help raise unprompted awareness of a brand among consumers from three per cent to 24%.