In a challenge to employees, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg recently requested ideas for a way to christen the new company HQ at Menlo Park, CA.

He asked for ideas that would be focussed around a ‘Space Hackathon’ idea – a design to be placed on the roof of the building at 1 Hacker Way, which would be viewed from ‘space’, or from above in any case.

It is likely that Zuckerberg was thinking along the lines of a large poster, a mural or even some sort of temporary construction. However, the winning design was one of the latest online marketing trends – a 42 foot QR code.

Unsurprisingly, the installation has been a great success and, unsurprisingly again, it has been exploited to the full by the social networking company.

The QR code links directly to a dedicated page, ‘FB QR Code’, on the Facebook site. To actually use the code first-hand is a little tricky however, requiring the use of a hot-air balloon, aeroplane or perhaps a zoom lens from the International Space Station.

It does actually work though, as was tested the morning after the code was painted on the roof by a group of 30. One employee swiftly constructed a helicopter with a camera fitted and flew it over the roof. Taking a snap of the code, he was directed to the right page.

For those without the ability of flight, there are pictures available on the internet.

This is one of the most novel uses of QR coding yet, but many companies are now beginning to really see the benefits they can have.