Popular social media site Facebook has created a new add-on function enabling writers of online WordPress blogs to have their articles automatically uploaded onto their corporate page or personal timeline profile.

Although WordPress blogs often already appear on Facebook, the simplicity and effortlessness of the new upload link is expected to further encourage integration of two of the world’s most powerful communications platforms.

Whilst still operating in their WordPress account, users of the content management and publishing platform will also be able to use the Facebook link function to provide comments or tag their friends.

An additional new facility, employing Facebook algorithms, also generates for each reader a tailored list of recommended further reading when they visit a WordPress-enabled website.

Meanwhile, Facebook has also introduced a facility to help generate traffic to the uploaded blogs whereby search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques are deployed, drawing on comments entered in a newly expanded commenting area.

The enhanced integration between the two platforms, it is believed, could consequently lead to a rise in the number of WordPress blogs and articles featuring on the Facebook site; and, by the same token, could also see a potential rise in the number of new Facebook users, encouraged to join up in order to use the facility to widen the reach of their blogs.

Facebook claims that an estimated 17% of all internet content worldwide is created using the WordPress platform.

According to WordPress the new facility is just as compatible with uploads from mobile phones as it is with desktop devices.