A new service has been introduced by market leading social media site, Facebook, through which retailers are advised on how to make the most of the site’s capacity as a potential vehicle for their sales.

The new service – called Retail Centre – invites companies to register in order to gain access to video tutorials, expert tips, details of successful case studies and the possibility of a free professional consultation.

The move comes as data intelligence organisation, Nielsen, releases figures showing that 27 million people in the UK – or two-thirds of the country’s population – are accessing the site every month.

The figures also reveal that, on average, seven hours every month is spent on Facebook by each site user – amounting to one out of every five minutes’ worth of their online activity.

Further data from the Nielsen research shows that 19 million UK users – or 62 per cent of the total – connect to the site through a mobile device, including 26 per cent who do so via a tablet.

According to the data, smartphone users tend to access the site more around midday, whereas tablet users – in common with 60 per cent of all Facebook users – tend to log on in the evening.

Meanwhile, the data also reveals that 37 per cent of those accessing the site use it to ask friends for advice on which items they should purchase -with 16 per cent claiming that they actively buy products following a conversation with a friend via Facebook, and 23 per cent saying they have used a bar or restaurant as a result of a recommendation from a friend.