This week has seen the launch of Facebook’s latest range of tools for businesses. Now businesses of any shape and size can take advantage of Facebook’s ever-increasing popularity and exposure by using social marketing to target their audience in new and exciting ways. So what’s in Facebook’s latest toolkit and how can you use it to help promote your business online?

Facebook Polls
facebook poll You can now run a surveys and polls targeted at a demographic you define and get answers within 30 minutes. Ask your target audience about their attitudes or get feedback before you make business decisions. Watch the results in real time as users respond.

Facebook Pages
facebook pages Connect with your customers on Facebook similar to the way they connect with their friends. Through a Facebook Page, users can show their support by becoming a fan, writing on your Wall, and other actions that automatically generate News Feed stories.

Facebook Social Ads
facebook ads Allows you to promote your website or Facebook Page with uniquely-targeted advertising. Make your ads even more effective by attaching them to News Feed. Facebook even offer detailed analytics and reporting through Facebook Insights.

Facebook Insights
facebook insights Helps you gather data on who’s interacting with your Facebook Pages and who’s clicking on your Social Ads. You can also see how much your presence is spreading virally without promotion. Facebook Insights is a free service included with Pages and Social Ads.

For more information check out the Facebook Business Toolkit on the Facebook website.