Facebook’s growth is continuing strongly as the company announced the takeover of Parse.

The software development platform will allow it to further develop premium apps. The takeover is estimated to have cost Facebook $85 million.

Facebook appears to have plans to integrate more premium apps into its social media channel, and with around a billion users, it makes sound financial sense to do so.

Douglas Purdy of Facebook spoke about the development, saying the acquisition will make it easier for developers to create mobile apps with the social network.

The integration of Parse into Facebook will allow software developers to build cross platform apps. This is an increasingly important area for developers as mobile device usage is rapidly increasing. Parse is specifically designed to enable developers to use native objects with the provision for data storage and user management options.

It was during Facebook’s first conference for mobile developers that it announced the acquisition of Parse. Alongside the introduction, there were other tools for developers unveiled, such as Open Graph, which allows better Facebook login from mobile devices.

The new tools and developments are clear indicators of the company’s vision to allow software developers to create apps that will operate across mobile devices more efficiently.

Facebook has worked with the team at Parse and is convinced the new products and tools are key to the rapid development of mobile apps.

Facebook believes it can work with Parse to expand the range of services and products it offers.