Facebook’s online dominance continues with the news that it is now pushing to cement its place as one of the driving forces in social and mobile advertising.

The latest development in the world-renowned company’s growth strategy sees it offering new options for advertisers.

On April 10th, Facebook announced that it would provide a more targeted advertising tool for users. The new facility will allow businesses to target their ads to a broader selection of consumers.

A Facebook representative said:

“A local car dealership can now show ads to people who are likely in the market for a new car who live near their dealership.”

Up until now, Facebook has used provided preference data to allow advertisers to target ads based on users’ chosen interests. However, now Facebook has added ‘partner categories’. The new function will allow advertisers to target ads to users based on their online shopping patterns, from both mobile and desktop.

Partner categories are powered with the information from a range of marketing data collation sources, including Epsilon and Acxiom.

Facebook has assured users that the new features will not cause any security or privacy issues. It confirmed that the data shared between itself, its partners and any advertisers will contain no personal information at all. Advertisers are only given information about audience size and aren’t allowed access any personal information about any individuals in a given category.

The new developments further improve the existing method of Facebook ad targeting and should see the site further increase its appeal to marketers and businesses.