Facebook has recently announced that it is upgrading its pages system and phasing out FBML (Facebook Mark-up Language) – this means that from March 11th they will no longer allow new FBML based apps and pages.

This has been greeted with a collective groan from developers as more changes are rolled out, but the changes are positive and do genuinely add value.

Facebook Developers ForumWhat’s more, we can rest assured that “Previously created FBML apps and tabs will continue to be supported”. The most ominous thing to note is that Facebook “encourage you to transition to iframes within the next year”.

Who can say what this means, but I’d guess that it means they’re planning on dropping support for FBML all together some time in the future.

If you’re a marketing type, this link will probably be a good place to start reading more about the changes:

And if you’re a techie, then you can jump right in to the forums and TFM:

What does this mean for you? Will you be embracing the changes or is it just another pain in the neck for everyone involved? We love to hear your point of view so let us know by leaving a comment!