Facebook has launched a new product this week called Facebook Polls – its part of Facebook’s new business toolkit.

This is an advertising product that is designed to generate revenue. Users are able to create a question and up to five answer possible answers, and then target the poll based on gender, age, location or interest (a profile keyword).

Facebook charges you a $1 for the initial setup of the poll and $0.25 per response to your poll. Polls run for 24hrs or until you’re poll has had 100 responses.

Polls appear in Facebook user’s news feeds and you can follow the responses in real-time and watch your.
As an online marketer and someone who often has to find new and initiative ways to market other peoles products and services I find Facebook Polls really useful. It generated quick and targeted data that is useable and presented in way that can easily be understood.

facebook poll

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    What’s Facebook done to stop click-farming in this respect? Is it like Google’s?