The impact of social media website, Facebook, on modern life continues apace as a new survey reveals that just over a fifth of UK citizens regularly use the site to contact family and friends.

The survey also reveals that Facebook is used an average, 3.2 times per week for keeping in touch; far more frequently than other methods, such as the mobile phone (just over twice a week), or landline (used only about a third as often as Facebook).

In all, 2,000 people were interviewed for the survey which was carried out by telephony and internet services provider, TalkTalk. The results, published in a report entitled ‘Look Who’s Talking’, will be of enormous relevance to those interested in the role of new technologies in interpersonal communications.

As well as data on Facebook, the survey also demonstrates the increasing role played by mobile phones in contacting friends and family. Almost 40% of respondents said they regularly called friends and family on their mobile, whilst around 35% said they generally used text messaging for this purpose. Use of landlines came in third place at only around 22%.

Other findings in the report include the following:

• 10% of respondents aged between 18 and 24 contact their best friend every hour using Facebook

• The majority of 25 to 34-year-olds prefer to contact friends and family online than by phone

• Those with smartphones use them more frequently for contacting work colleagues (2.7 times a week) than they do for contacting friends and family (2.6 times per week)