A raft of changes has been introduced on social media website, Facebook, most of which give users increased control over their privacy.

The measures, including the much publicised option allowing users to ask for identification name tags to be removed from pictures, are in reality a combination of totally new privacy features, and easier and clearer access to features which already existed on the site.

The main changes can be summarised as follows:

• A drop-down menu on the user’s main page for selecting which pieces of information about themselves they would or would not like displayed. These control options had previously been available but only in the settings section of the site

• A new facility on the main page inviting users to decide how wide they wish to make their audience for any status updates, postings, or photo uploads

• Easier access for the user to view privacy settings on their profile, simply by clicking on a button on the main page, rather than searching through settings

• A prompt whenever the user’s name has been identified via a photo tag, with options for the user to remove the tag or ask that the photo be taken off the site

Although some in the industry feel the new measures will make it more difficult for marketing campaigns to filter between users, others have pointed to the encouraging but lesser known fact that users can now tag people and businesses without the need to first accept them as friends.