StackMob, a mobile platform provider, has been included as a member of Facebook’s technology partner programme. The programme involves mobile application developers working together to ensure apps are fully integrated with the social networking site. StackMob made the announcement last week.

With over 80 per cent of the most successful iOS apps and about 70 per cent of the top selling Android apps being integrated with Facebook, integration is a priority for mobile app developers and marketers. The recent announcement saw Facebook unveil a range of tools that allow mobile developers to integrate their applications more easily. This potentially gives marketers access to over 680 million Facebook users who regularly visit the network via mobile.

Talking about the developments, a Facebook spokesperson said:

“We’re making it easier to implement Open Graph on mobile, improving Facebook Login, and releasing a new Facebook SDK 3.5 for iOS. We’re also announcing a new partner program to help developers integrate Facebook on a variety of mobile platforms.”

Facebook explained that one development will involve a faster login dialog. This change will give mobile users quicker access to the social network.

StackMob’s cloud-based platform ensures users have the correct plug-ins and tools to optimise their apps and ensure they are accessed by Facebook users quickly.

As Facebook’s growth continues, it is vital for developers to integrate their mobile apps before releasing them to the market. Perhaps as a result of the site’s dominance in the field, consumers have come to expect the apps they download to have Facebook features built in.