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What Travel Brands Should Know When Working with Travel Bloggers

Travel Inspiration Starts Online When it comes to searching for travel inspiration, friends, family and colleagues are key to our decision-making; 62% of us rely on these referrals according to Google’s 2014 study on travel decisions. We recently reviewed...

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Content Marketing within the Travel Industry

A closer look at UK brand Thomson Travel Company Thomson has been a high street name for 50 years in UK. Since it was formed in 1965 the brand has expanded (under the German owned TUI Group) to position itself...

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Nosto’s eCommerce Checklist Could Reverse the Summer Downturn

Have you ever been nudged in your online shopping journey towards a complementary or similar product? If so, there's a good chance you've been Nostoed. Nosto is a plugin that helps ecommerce sites' revenues by analysing customer behaviour and making...

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The Power of NAP: Consistency for Local SEO

What is NAP? Sadly we’re not talking about the soft pillows, recharge-your-batteries type of nap. In the SEO world NAP simply stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. But now you know what it stands for, you may be asking yourself:...

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