Flickr has become one of my favourite sites in the last few months and the recent updates have just made the service a whole lot better. Although I love browsing through endless photos there are some great tools available which can be used to enhance the Flickr experience.

Photo By

Photo By

Below I have listed some of my favourite tools but you can find a more extensive Flickr tools list here.

Flump – This simple application lets you download all of the public photos for specific accounts. I find it useful for when transferring files from computer to computer. Also many people are now uploading photos directly from their mobiles. This app means that users can have a backup of images on their home computers.

FlickrSlidr – I quite often suggest to clients that they upload their photos to Flickr. It can be a great place to generate traffic and provides a central location for clients to keep photos. Although its great to keep images on Flickr I will often need to embed them on a site in some way. FlickrSlidr provides a nice clean way to present these images on their sites.

Flickr Flash Badge Widget
– There are literally dozens of Flickr WordPress plugins but this is the best one I have found. It has some great effects options and lets you easily select how many thumbnails you want to display with what size they are. I have used it on several blogs and not had any problems with it so far.

Travelr – I have not found any places to use this commercially yet but its certainly fun. Travelr displays your photo’s geographically on a world map. The fact that you don’t have to supply the co-ordinates makes this app a winner in my book.

1001 – As a MAC boy I’m always on the look out for tools that will make my life easier and 1001 is certainly one such app. With 1001 you no longer have to log on to the Flickr site to upload photos. This desktop tool lets you quickly upload photos straight from this background application. It also notifies you when a friend adds an image or a new image is added to a group you’re a member of.

These are some of the most useful tools I have come across but if you have any other suggestions then leave a comment below.