WordPress is all to frequently viewed as a basic blogging package however the abundance of plugins and ease of use make it an ideal fully integrated CMS system. At Pushon we have recently done a rebuild and redesign for an industrial and home insulation company called Sprayseal. We found that using WordPress as a CMS was a real joy and believe its SEO friendly features will help Sprayseal perform well in the search engines.

At first we were slightly skeptical as we wanted to make use of stylish drop down menus and insert customisable video’s. Luckily we found some excellent plugins for such things. This is where WordPress really comes into its own. We used the Multi-Level Navigation plugin and also the Smart Youtube plugin. We found these gave us excellent results.

The other thing we were slightly concerned about was accessibility. We are strong believers in accessibility and wanted to ensure we could continue to deliver accessible sites. Fortunately WordPress doesn’t incorporate a lot of useless code in to a site. Although we have used WordPress as a full CMS before we found the updates in the new version to be extremely useful. The content restore feature especially. We are very pleased with the new design and if you ever need home or industrial insulation services give Sprayseal a try.

  • Ben

    Thanks for this tip. I have been using WP as a CMS but just using the list subpages code. For my mext site I will try that plug in.

    I did notice that the menu doesn’t work properly in IE7 based browers or sea monkey.



  • Hi Ben, thanks for the comment. Just wanted to ask you what screen res you are using as for most people the site works in IE7.

  • Ben

    I use a dual 1920×1200 and 1650×1050 set up. On my laptop 1280×800 it looks fine in IE but still doesn’t work in Sea Monkey.

    With Dell 24″ monitors costing £200 inc Vat now I can imagine the larger monitors will become more popular.

  • James Ward

    Hi there Mark

    I was very interested to read this article as I am considering using WP as the CMS for a client site soon.

    I noticed that the menus don’t render in Flock either:


    I’m running Flock 1.2.6 on a Mac OS 10.4.11.

    Good luck!

  • They aren’t working in IE7 for me either. Great bit of work though.

  • Just tested in IE7 and the menus work fine for me. Quite odd