As marketing executives continue to look for the key to social media success across all of the available channels, it seems animals have no problems gaining followers and likes. Fluffy Pomeranian @boo, @sockington, a house cat, and of course grumpy cat, a very popular meme, are all attracting massive numbers of visitors and endorsements.

The latest figures for these furry phenomena are enough to make any marketer green with envy. revealed that the cute creatures, and not so cute in the case of @BronxZoosCobra, have rankings to match some of the world’s most popular celebrities.

These social media animals have become celebrities in their own right, across the various channels. Most interestingly, it isn’t simply a YouTube phenomenon, but the furries are equally as successful on Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, @boo has nearly seven million Facebook likes, more than pop superstar Will.I.Am.

The adored animals fascinate users the world over and it is clear they are masters of self-promotion. Anytime these furry stars post a Facebook update or Tweet, the follower engagement is astronomic.

Marketing executives must look at the figures these creatures generate and wonder how they can garner as much success. It seems unlikely that simply using a cute animal to promote a brand will be the answer, but there are lessons about engagement to be learnt.

Marketers have known for some time that social media marketing is different to traditional methods. Interactions with consumers, and followers, are key to success. The furry celebrities are demonstrating the importance of using unique content that encourages engagement.