FutureEverything describe themselves as “a global festival of art, music and ideas.” But I don’t think that this description does the Manchester based festival the justice it deserves. Over the few years FutureEverything has been running, it has grown into a highly digital, innovative and forward looking event.

The conference or “ideas” strand covers 2 days and 3 rooms. Covering topics such as infographics, online alter egos, the internet of things, online journalism and hacking culture brought to you by visionary people such as Meg Pickard, James Bridle, Kars Alfrink and Chris Speed. And being the geek I am… I can’t wait.

The “art” strand of FutureEverything features artists exploring data visualisation in the main exhibition, “The Data Dimension” and includes an award for the most inspirational digital innovations.

The music side of things… well, I’m not so qualified to comment on but from what I can tell FutureEverything have gathered together some of THE most talked about acts from the last year or so including Beach House, Gang Gang Dance, Warpaint, Steve Reich and Das Racist. It’s pretty impressive. And can be booked here.

I’m going to try to get down to most of the Thursday Conference, and if I get the chance I’ll check out some art and music n’ that too. Keep an eye on our blog for live blogs, photo blogs, interviews and what not.

OR, get down there yourself. Book tickets for FutureEverything.