SAScon Mini SEO Conference 2011: Generating Better Traffic

Gary Taylor from One Result is talking about the how to generate better traffic.

Engaging Content

Engaging content is a great way of targeting traffic. Even being as bold as using a crude page title or meta description can help to generate more traffic within the search engines.

Gary goes on to explain that above the line advertising (TV, radio, print) should play a huge part in SEO strategy. People should time their PPC and SEO strategies around the offline advertising schedule in order to really capitalise on the added exposure.

Long tail search and deep linking

Making sure that your deep product pages carry strength is vital. Gary gives an example of a client that produces audiobooks. The client was not going to be able to target the main generic terms from the start, so he focussed on individual product pages which has lead to an increasing amount of gradual traffic to the website.

Google Images

Gary shows a photo of the worlds tallest building in Dubai. It drives 1000 visits per day. Ignoring Google Images means you are missing huge opportunities.

Gary does concede that conversions for traffic from image search are low but explains that a strategy must be built to help convert those coming from images.

Gary then goes on to show a case study that proves the importance and success of:

  • conversion optimisation
  • bespoke landing pages
  • video optimisation
  • telephone tracking
These are all elements that can be used to help generate better traffic.