If there’s one social app that has received plenty of attention over the past year then it’s Pinterest. The platform, which lets users create virtual pinboards on which to pin stuff they like, has been largely welcomed by social media enthusiasts. However, another channel has emerged almost unnoticed – in the UK at least – and that channel is GetGlue.

GetGlue is a social networking site that has actually been around for close to four years. It lets users ‘check in’ with their favourite modes of entertainment while they watch, read, listen or play. Once the user becomes a fan, and checks in enough times or on certain occasions they receive a virtual ‘sticker’ based on that specific product. And the end of every month, GetGlue offers the user the chance to receive their sticker collection for real, sending them through the post free of charge.

GetGlue stickers

My modest GetGlue sticker collection

Media Darling

GetGlue has unsurprisingly established partnerships with numerous big US media entities, who have clearly realised the potential of the app. Never before has as direct a route to viewers’ habits been offered, and in such a measurable way. And as television moves online, so too will actual engagement with programmes, and GetGlue fits snugly into this new area.

The platform ties together a number of key social trends; location-based check-ins, mobile use and fandom. It’s the sort of app that plays into the hands of those people who complain that Facebook and Twitter consists only of people talking about their breakfasts. It’s a cult product, for geeks, nerds and obsessives, and it makes no bones about appealing specifically to this audience.

A Breaking Bad GetGlue sticker

Made for Mobile

Just like how internet developers are embracing devices smaller than a laptop. GetGlue has been put together with mobile in mind. It’s made for the multi-tasker who tweets about the TV they’re watching while they’re watching it; who looks at their phone every two minutes. Like most social media it’s also about showing off and sharing with people the world over, only this time with an actual offline product up for grabs in the form of collectible stickers (a quick look on eBay shows people are willing to pay for the rarer ones).

eBay auction for GetGlue stickers

The free GetGlue stickers are beginning to turn up on eBay


Does GetGlue stick? Like most ‘check-in’-based apps, it takes time and plenty of check-ins for GetGlue to get going. Within 24 hours of registering not much will have happened with your account other than receiving the standard ‘New Starter’ stickers. It’s worth persisting though, as the idea itself (especially the free physical stickers) is novel enough to hold a person’s attention.

GetGlue isn’t quite as addictive or cut-throat as those days doing swaps for Merlin Premier League stickers back in the 90s, but it provides a quick and easy way to get closer to your favourite movies, books, music and TV. Whether it’ll satisfy you as much as getting an Eric Cantona shiny remains to be seen…

  • Arj Naik

    I really like this, but between Foursquare and Facebook check ins. You cant do them all!

  • arjnaik

    I really like this, but between Foursquare and Facebook check ins. You cant do them all!

  • Stephanie Wallerstein

    I love Get Glue!! But I cant seem to get them to send me my Sticker!! I have written several times, with no response!! Any advice or help would be appreciated!! TY!! ( ;