All too often, a business gets a website built and thinks that the mere fact of having a website will bring them to the notice of the World. It won’t. No-one will notice you exist unless you tell them. Here’s an analogy that someone I know borrowed off someone else who no doubt borrowed that off another person etc etc.

Imagine that you have a marvellous shop. The products you stock are immensely desirable, the prices are keen and you are confident that your service is second to none. Once people deal with you then they are sure to be back. But you get no one coming in because you have bought premises down the back alley off a side road off a tributary to the A34. So how do you deal with that? How do you tell people where you are? One good place to start would be with a sign post saying “My fantastic shop this way”.

You can do the same online in very many ways. One way is to submit details of your site to an online directory. It just so happens that we have a free online directory of our very own. Would you like a listing? Help yourself.