Well… this was going to be a post to promote Blog Action Day, which is themed around poverty this year.

But after a couple of minutes research, and unable to get out of the online marketing mind set, I have to bring these adverts to your attention, which highlight the importance of choosing your placements carefully.

Children In Poverty… how about a pile of cash and a trip to Delhi with Swiss International Airlines??

Manchester’s children live in poverty… is now a good time to book a night in a fancy hotel?

A particularly unfortunate placement…

Sensitive topics, with badly placed adverts won’t do much to build your brand.

  • http://www.pr-consultant.co.uk Stephen Newton

    Doesn’t this really show the weakness of automated systems that rely on advertisers buying key words regardless of thier context.

  • Katrina Gallagher

    I couldn’t agree more.

    And whilst it’s getting easier to automate adverts, and it can be more efficient, this is an example of why it’s so important to at least do some spot checking.

    Thanks Stephen,