It’s something we’ve been very excited about after playing with the pilot; yesterday Google released Multi-Channel Funnels to all Analytics accounts.

Personally, I’ve always had a particular interested in integrated marketing campaigns, where you can create a bigger impact and use your marketing budget more efficiently.

The new features will help more accurately evaluate each step in the process – you will be able to isolate certain campaigns, keywords, creatives, etc, and provide both direct (last click conversion attribution) and the indirect impact on sales revenue and goals – e.g. clicked on a PPC advert, signed up to the newsletter, and later visited via a search for the brand term.

This will obviously work well for online channels, but if implemented properly, this could also show how offline, email and mobile applications impact sales.

Here’s how the new interface looks:

Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnels

And here’s a video from Google demonstrating the new features: