Google’s social media channel, Google+, has over 340 million users and is being used by marketing executives to enhance their online marketing efforts. For the people who still don’t use Google+, there are various benefits to consider.

For business to business searches, Google+ will generate accurate and more meaningful search outcomes than Facebook. The results then ensure Google+ users can be involved in sector-specific conversations, with a variety of relevant parties, covering subjects that relate to their business. Additionally, Google+ allows for contributions, based on search outcomes, to Google+’s topical streams.

Using Google+ gives users greater visibility within Google’s search engine. Google+ content is ranked and the ability to share gives greater influence for SEO than any other network. When a Google+ user shares via the +1 function, it can start a ripple type effect, thereby increasing the awareness of a brand or garnering more influence in social media channels.

Google+ users can link their Google+ pages to their AdWords advertisements and allow other users to +1 the ad. These endorsements in turn will improve a company’s quality score; Google uses the quality score to attach relevance to a company’s landing page and keywords. This in turn improves a company’s position in a Google search, owing to this improved relevance.

Google+ may not be the first social media platform a marketing executive thinks about when planning a digital marketing campaign but the unequalled power of Google’s search facility and Google+’s inherent links to this means it probably makes as much sense to use Google+ as it does to use Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.