Despite the recent flurry of excitement from tech fans and marketing executives about the release of Google Glass, the search company’s Eric Schmidt was forced to burst their collective bubble.

Customers and marketers were hopeful of a release date before Christmas 2013, and letters to Santa had already been drafted. However, those among the avid pre-order crowd were told this week that the breakthrough technology won’t be ready for the festive season.

In an interview this week, Schmidt explained that the product is about another year from release. This gives a potential release date of spring 2014 for the much-hyped device.

The ‘wearable computer’ sparked much feverous interest when it was revealed earlier this year and marketers were licking their lips at the thoughts of potential new geo-marketing options and Google Glass content.

Schmidt told the BBC that the launch of Google Glass was not as close as online speculators had claimed. He further explained:

“There will be thousands of [Google Glass devices] in use by developers over the next months, and then based on their feedback, we’ll make some product changes, and it’s probably a year-ish away.”

The technology is designed to be worn on the face and is set to change the way users interact with the environment.

Regardless of the delay in rolling out Google Glass, it is already known that users can take photos, record video and share this content immediately. Users will also have access to navigation apps using voice commands and are likely to be able to view language translations.