Following the unveiling of Google Glass, a new form of wearable technology, mobile marketers are buzzing with the potential opportunities the new hardware will give them.

The augmented reality interface was introduced to the world on the 20th February and Greg Stuart, chief executive of the Mobile Marketing Association, said:

“Google Glass could impact marketing in unprecedented ways.”

Stuart explains that he is optimistic about marketing opportunities with Google Glass. He feels that ingenious marketing execs and their tech-support will find innovative ways of marketing through the new mobile medium.

Other mobile marketing experts are also excited at the prospects. From the video demonstration posted on video hosting site YouTube, it seems clear that mobile messaging can take on a whole new dynamic with Google Glass. It’s not hard to imagine mobile marketers designing cutting edge marketing campaigns for the new technology.

Retail organisations can use the new technology to manipulate consumer behaviour through SMS-type marketing before they have even entered the shop. Then once in the shop, users could receive messages specific to their location within the store. It is entirely conceivable that the user could get a message telling them there is a reduction on dress shoes simply because they are in the menswear department.

Despite the full roll-out of the product not being for another 12 months, it is known that Google Glass will enable users to take still images and videos; it then allows them to share these via a favoured social media platform. The Glass will also have voice control and access to Google maps; allowing users to obtain directions.