Google Has Fallen Out Of Love With Us

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”180″ width=”187″ align=”right” /]We’re not sure what we’ve done but it seems we’ve upset Google. We were getting visited by Google Bot what seemed like every 5 minutes of the day. No sooner would we post something of extreme philosophical noteworthiness than Mr Google Bot (or Mrs, there is some internal debate within PushON as to the exact gender) would visit and index our inane ramblings for the world to find via its rather marvellous search portal.

The extremely useful Google Webmaster Tools indicates nothing we should be concerned of,

Google Webmaster Tools URL Errors Google Webmaster Tools Meta Errors

So what have we done to try and fix it?

We’ve checked our robots.txt file and sitemaps and they all seem fine. We’ve updated to the latest version of WordPress to ensure there are no issues with duplicate content due to canonicalization. We double checked our feeds via Feedburner are active and working correctly and they are.

So what has changed?

Well, we’re left suspecting that the method we are using to display our RSS feed on our new website has had some detrimental effect on our blog. The other point of note is that 2 weeks ago we experienced 2 Sundays in a row where our web server was down for lengthy periods. Could it be that Google has decided due to the lack of availability during those periods we are no longer a reliable source? If this is the case it’s really does highlight the importance of reliable hosting solutions.

If anyone has any other thoughts as to what might have happened then please let us know.