Mobile marketing is set to be shaken up after Google announced the addition of a new feature to its analytics application.

The new Universal Analytics tool will give marketers the ability to monitor usage within sessions and across devices. As a result, it is expected that they will be able to gain more insight into how consumers use different devices to access online content.

In Google’s previous analytics apps, users have been able to view different devices accessing content. However, one single user using a PC, a smartphone and then a tablet would register as three different visitors; which isn’t ideal for marketers. Using User ID, Universal Analytics now understands that the three visits are from one person.

The updates also mean that future investments will be directed more accurately. For instance, a consumer might visit a website on their tablet, but then completes a purchase on their desktop. With the new parameter, analysts can determine that only one person visited the site.

With cross device measurement, marketers can see how a user switches between devices. Previously, analytics tools would have shown little value in tablet usage as part of an interaction which resulted in a significant purchase being made later on another device. The new system demonstrates clearly the significance of continuing to invest in cross platform optimisation.

As digital marketing is becoming more prominent, the need for data analysis is also growing; it is clear Google’s changes will have a profound effect for marketers.