iPad users will now be able to benefit from improved search facilities, thanks to the launch of a new dedicated app from Google.

Among the benefits claimed for the new app are faster access to search results pages, and improved navigational facilities between the Google search results page and the user’s selected link.

A key advantage of the new app hinges on its capacity to allow users to ‘park’ the Google search results page whilst looking at the chosen web link. In this way, an alternative link can be accessed immediately by going back to the results page.

This facility is extremely useful in instances where access to more than one website is required, or when an initial selection is taking too long to load.

Addressing speed concerns, Google claims that in introducing its Instant Search facility to the iPad via its new app, searching on the device should be much quicker.

An additional improvement introduced via the app is the automatic generation of an entire gallery of related images whenever Image Search is used, which the user can then scroll through all at once.

The new app also adds an extra function to the iPad toolbar whereby pages can be easily shared on social media site, Google +, simply by using a ‘+1’button.

There is, in addition, a ‘Find’ feature in the form of a ‘magnifying glass’ icon, which enables users to home in on relevant content once a search has thrown up a particular page.