[kml_flashembed movie=”http://blog.pushon.co.uk/imgs/love.swf” height=”90″ width=”160″ align=”right” /]Google dumped us recently, pulled out our heart, spat into the open wound and walked off into the sunset without so much as leaving us a Dear John.

We sat and sulked for the first couple of days blaming everything and everyone, life is so unfair, we didn’t deserve that, just who does this Google think, he/she/it is? We can do so much better anyway!

After our short period of sulking we finally admitted that Google had fallen out of love with us and set about trying to win back its’ heart.

We discussed, argued, researched, analysed and finally decided that there was potentially a number of factors that might have turned our soul mates affections sour, rather than any single given factor.

Here’s a list of factors we think may have caused Google to give us the cold shoulder:

  1. Unreliable hosting
  2. The change in method of displaying our RSS feed on our main site
  3. Less frequent posting
  4. Our RSS feed not function for a short period.

Here’s a list of things we did to win back the heart of big G:

  1. Fixed the hosting issue
  2. Changed the method we used to display our RSS feed on our main site
  3. Made more regular posts
  4. Fixed all issued with our RSS feed
  5. Upgraded our WordPress install
  6. Changed our permalink structure and used 301 redirects on all the old URLs
  7. Updated our XML sitemap

It now appears that we’ve rekindled Googles love for us and we’re seeing a whole range of posts previously going unnoticed, whilst it was giving us the brush off, hitting top of the Google once again.

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It’s nice to be loved again.

  • http://jimneath.org Jim Neath

    We’re also number 1 for “Scented Microphones” now, thanks to Julia.

    I’ll never make my millions…

  • http://www.idaho.uk.net Jamie

    Yey – PushON are feeling the Google love again.

    Maybe you guys could blog about the pros and cons of doing a wordpress version update at some point and what to do/what not to do – I know Kat has plenty of experience of the latter…

    Its all good news though – Well done

  • http://www.pushon.co.uk Katrina