There’s a new tool called “Google Scribe“. I’m sure it has some serious use, however, that’s no fun. It basically auto suggests words as you type. So I started with “a” and then accepted every suggestion it came up with. So “a” gives us

“and then there is another way to get around them and they are nothing but another form of therapy for these patients is not known whether these are the only ones who can not afford to pay for their own users and groups to their Friends / Favorites list yet, so I’ma keep popping up in their own right and do not want to be related to their particular field or industry in which they are.”

OK, what next? A short word. How about bringing Freud into this. Tell me about your “Mother”..

“Motherboards & Memory Upgrades Product Info and Reviews on Video Games and Related Items are currently unavailable for this item is available online at the comfort of your home close to your family.”

How very bizarre. We mention your Mother and you want to talk tech. Is this some form of confused I/O function? What about your


Nothing? It seems you don’t want to talk about bodily parts are interactions thereof. Google scribe doesn’t approve of certain naughty words. Time to go back to your childhood. Who was your hero?

“elvis presley birthday and death dates of their respective owners and are strictly for viewing and printing of these book.”

Google Scribe, I think you have some serious issues

  • Simon Wharton

    Whats your Google Scribe name? Start typing your name on Scribe. As soon is it suggests something based on your name, take the first two or 3 words. I’m

    “simone decker buses”

  • Patrick Byrnes

    I started with Patrick and got “patrick’s day gifts gifts with this designation to anyone who is interested” but then accidentally left the ‘k’ out of patrick and got……..patric la funk. I shall be changing my name tomorrow!