Google to introduce celebrity-led SEO

Leading international search engine player, Google, has announced that it is to incorporate celebrity product endorsements into its sponsored search results pages.

The move is designed to increase opportunities for advertisers to reach potential customers via search engine optimisation (SEO) – whereby advertisers’ sites are located as a result of the internet user typing in certain key words. Sponsored sites are given prominent positions on search engine results pages, the advertisers usually subsequently paying for this privilege based on how many visitors they receive through these links; known as paying on a ‘pay per click’ (PPC) basis.

It is anticipated that the sponsored results will appear towards the top of Google search engine results pages each time a celebrity’s name is keyed in by the internet user.

Celebrities can generate these special sponsored links through their use of the Google + social media networking site, by simply adding a favourable ‘+1’ to the brand pages with which they wish to be associated.

The new concept is being promoted by Google as an updated form of traditional celebrity-endorsed advertising for the online age.

Google claims that the new promotional tool will be welcomed by both consumers and the celebrities themselves, since not only will the celebrities gain more control over which products they are being associated with, but consumers will know that which endorsements are genuine.

The new SEO facility, which is currently undergoing testing, is expected to be launched in the UK following an initial roll-out in the US.