Earlier this month Google quietly released an update to webmaster tools that allowed site owners to see the source of broken inbound links. This is very useful as you can check that your internal links are pointing to the correct files easily and also check that external websites aren’t pointing to non-existent pages. Updating internal links is easy as you manage the pages yourself however external links are much harder to manage. The first port of call for managing broken external inbound links is to email the websites owner and request the link is corrected, the second and probably less time consuming option is to 301 redirect the broken link to a page with actual relevant content. This can be done by editing your .htaccess file (provided you’re using an apache server) and adding the following line:

redirect 301 /oldpage.html http://www.pushon.co.uk/newpage.html

Yesterday the Google Webmaster Central Blog announced a further update that there is now message centre warnings for hackable sites this is where Google will alert you if your CMS software is out of date or insecure. Currently it only works with the webs favourite blogging/CMS software, WordPress so we are looking forward to implementation for all CMSs in the future.