Over the past decade or more, Google has provided an amazing service that has not only led to almost complete market domination, but it has become a household name and a verb in its own right.

Despite this success, Google hasn’t finished yet. Google wants to own the internet, taking out a huge number of companies in their wake (by loss of rankings) by releasing a series of tools and add-ons to their service, cutting out the need to click through to a host of popular sites. Here’s a list of just some of the things they’ve done:


It used to be that if you needed a calculator quickly, you would either use the one within your operating system, or you’d use one of the rafts of online calculators such as online-calculator.com.

Rather than acting as a vehicle to transport you to your desired tool, Google has now removed the need to click through to another website by offering a calculator within the SERP’s.


No doubt one of the most competitive search terms around, ‘car insurance’ has been the golden egg of the major comparison websites for years. Now, however, they have to compete with the might of Google; but in a totally unfair fight. Over the past few days it seems Google have implemented their very own ‘sponsored’ (not a PPC ad) listing in between the paid advertisements and the organic results.

Users can click through, enter their details and compare quotes from the various insurance companies; once again cutting out the need to use external websites.

Credit cards

Similarly, Google also offers a credit card comparison service. Users can select the type of card that they want, browse terms and apply directly for that credit card, cutting out any requirement of websites such as moneysupermarket.com and comparethemarket.com.


Having recently got engaged myself, I have been going through the process of building a giant spread sheet of all the information I need to plan the wedding. It occurred to me half way through this process that there may be tools online to help save time; low and behold, Google have their own wedding planning tool kit.

No doubt after noticing the raft of websites offering wedding planning tools, Google have created a range of tools using Google products (Google docs for the spread sheets, Google sites for wedding sites, Picasa for galleries etc.).


Gone are the days where you had to spend time trawling various websites to find out what the capital of Uruguay is or, in this case, who the manager of Manchester City is. Once again Google are cutting out the need to venture away from the search engine by offering the answer along with bio’s and supporting information within the SERP’s.


Despite the massive effect it will no doubt have on the companies that relied heavily on search rankings related to the above, I think this can only be a good thing for users. These new tools and add ons will help cut down on time and effort in finding the information being searched for, and that can’t be a bad thing, can it?