Figures from research data specialist, Experian Marketing Services, have revealed that internet search activity in the UK has continued to increase year on year; and that the proportion of this activity with market leader Google’s has also continued to increase.

Experian’s figures show that in May, 2.3 billion visits were made to search engine sites by internet users in the UK; a rise of 3.7% on the previous month, accounting for an extra 82 million visits. The figure also represented a 3.6% increase on the same period in 2011.

The Experian figures show that the lion’s share of this search activity was carried out using Google; and, moreover, that Google’s share of this activity has continued to rise each month since March.

According to Experian, 91.17% of UK internet searches in May were carried out on Google Sites; a rise of 0.15% on the figure for April, and an increase of 0.65% on that for May last year.

At the same time, Experian says, rival search engine sites run by Microsoft – including Bing – actually suffered a month-on-month decline in market share; dropping 0.03% to 3.84%. This was despite a recent promotional push by Microsoft for its Internet Explorer platform, in which Bing was also given considerable prominence.

Experian’s figures show that Google’s other main competitors, Ask and Yahoo, also fared badly over the same period; with Ask Sites performing particularly poorly, dropping 0.08% month-on-month.

Experian’s James Murray, however, has stressed that in spite of Google’s dominance, “understanding who your audience is” might, he says, still require the use of niche search engines.

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    As an agency, do you rely exhaustively on Google or do you spread the risk by also focusing on Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Baidu, Yandex etc?

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