Maybe I’m being picky but I would expect a pretty major web company like GX Networks GX Networksthat owns a domain registration brand like 123-Reg and a webhosting outfit like webfusion to get their own domain management in order. If you look at the non www version of their domain (at the time of writing of course) the address isn’t known. GX NetworksIt should resolve to the with www version of their domain of course. Why is this important? You want everyone who is looking for you to find you and increasingly, people dont bother with the www bit of a URL. Thats because sensible webmasters cater for that short hand and use a 301 redirect from the non www version to the with www version. you really do want to capture everyone who is trying to view your site. Should I test for a custom 404 page? Oh dear!

  • crouchingbadger

    Fair enough, but a 301 redirect wouldn’t work without an A record to the IP address, or a CNAME to point at the www A record. The 301 comes back from the HTTP server, but we’re not getting that far.